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Battery – Storage and Maintenance      


When you purchase a CAMPER-TROLLEY it is vital that you do NOT use your CAMPER-TROLLEY until you have FULLY charged the battery, failure to do so will damage and/or destroy the battery and void your 6 month battery warranty.

To fully benefit from your Camper-Trolley, proper storage and maintenance of the battery is important.

Storing your Camper-Trolley

The Camper-Trolley should be stored in temperate and dry conditions. Storage in extreme heat or cold will significantly reduce the battery’s lifetime.

Maintaining the battery

Operate the Camper-Trolley at least once each month to keep the battery functioning properly. If the Camper-Trolley goes unused for more than two months, it is recommended you operate the Camper-Trolley briefly and then charge the battery completely until the lamp on the charger is green.

How steep of an incline can the Camper-Trolley climb?      

Generally, the Camper-Trolley CT1500 can handle up to a 9% or 10 degree incline when moving a 1700 kg caravan, boat etc.

This also applies on grass and gravel. The Camper-Trolley has been tested on many different surfaces, and it is clear that the nature of the surface has a big influence on how much of a slope the Camper-Trolley can handle. The surface must be firm to enable traction.

Maintaining the Camper-Trolley      

The Camper-Trolley is, in principle, maintenance-free.  It is important, however, to store it in temperate, dry conditions and to charge the battery completely at least every two months.  You can use wet cloth/sponge and an ordinary cleaning product to clean the Camper-Trolley.

WARNING! Don’t expose the Camper-Trolley to large amounts of water, e.g. using a garden hose, as doing so will damage the motor, battery and electronic components.

Pairing the 2.8GHz remote controller      

The 2.8GHz controller is found on all CT2500 and all CT1500G3 models, which can be identified by the lack of a solar cell.

  1. Turn the Camper Trolley ON by pushing the ON/OFF button.
  2. Turn the remote control ON by pushing the forward button on the remote control.
  3. Press at the same time the ON/OFF button on the Camper Trolley and the right turn button on the remote control for 8 seconds until the LED on the Camper Trolley is flashing. The remote control is now paired to the Camper Trolley.

The units are now paired.

Pairing the 866MHz remote controller      

This controller is found in all CT2500 units and CT1500 units, 2nd generation and earlier – recognised by the solar cell mounted on them.

  1. Turn the Camper Trolley ON and the LED will light.
  2. Press the ON/OFF button on the Camper Trolley until it is flashing fast (8 – 12 seconds). The Camper Trolley is now decoded.
  3. Turn the remote control ON by pressing the forward button.
  4. Press down the right and left turn buttons at same time for 12 seconds and the LED in the remote control is flashing. The remote control is now decoded.
  5. Now pair the Camper Trolley and remote control again, by following these instruction:
  6. Turn the Camper Trolley ON and the LED will be flashing.
  7. Press the forward button on the remote control. The LED is now ON, which means that the remote control has been paired to the Camper Trolley. If the LED continue to flash the Camper Trolley has not found the remote control and the instructions must be redone.

Why is my remote control suddenly not working?      

Before the remote control can work with the trolley, the units must be paired.

Depending on the type, this pairing between the units can disappear if the batteries in the remote control have been replaced or if the start button on the trolley has been activated too long.