Pairing the 866MHz remote controller

This controller is found in all CT2500 units and CT1500 units, 2nd generation and earlier – recognised by the solar cell mounted on them.

  1. Turn the Camper Trolley ON and the LED will light.
  2. Press the ON/OFF button on the Camper Trolley until it is flashing fast (8 – 12 seconds). The Camper Trolley is now decoded.
  3. Turn the remote control ON by pressing the forward button.
  4. Press down the right and left turn buttons at same time for 12 seconds and the LED in the remote control is flashing. The remote control is now decoded.
  5. Now pair the Camper Trolley and remote control again, by following these instruction:
  6. Turn the Camper Trolley ON and the LED will be flashing.
  7. Press the forward button on the remote control. The LED is now ON, which means that the remote control has been paired to the Camper Trolley. If the LED continue to flash the Camper Trolley has not found the remote control and the instructions must be redone.