Battery – Storage and Maintenance


When you purchase a CAMPER-TROLLEY it is vital that you do NOT use your CAMPER-TROLLEY until you have FULLY charged the battery, failure to do so will damage and/or destroy the battery and void your 6 month battery warranty.

To fully benefit from your Camper-Trolley, proper storage and maintenance of the battery is important.

Storing your Camper-Trolley

The Camper-Trolley should be stored in temperate and dry conditions. Storage in extreme heat or cold will significantly reduce the battery’s lifetime.

Maintaining the battery

Operate the Camper-Trolley at least once each month to keep the battery functioning properly. If the Camper-Trolley goes unused for more than two months, it is recommended you operate the Camper-Trolley briefly and then charge the battery completely until the lamp on the charger is green.